Friday, March 11, 2011

Colour Tests

I always have so much admiration for illustrators who hand-draw and are able to pick their colours and get it right first time. I guess the luxury of going digital is that I can try out different combinations. Usually when I start a new illustration I might have some vague colours in mind, but when I actually try them out it looks completely different to what I imagined. This was a rare illo, in that the end result with the colours was what I had envisioned all along. I tried out some other variations, and I still kinda like the orange and blue one. Any thoughts?


  1. so cool Anne, I like seeing the process (doesn't that word haunt you from uni days?!) from pencil sketch to colours to final illo. Looks tops!

  2. Thanks Sheryl! Yeah, writing this post definitely made me think back to the days of drawing diagrams showing the design process :)

  3. great process there! thx for share. :D


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