Saturday, April 16, 2011

A night at the museum

Access all areas!

Last night I went to the opening launch of the AC/DC: Australia's Family Jewels exhibition at the WA Museum. I managed to score two VIP tix for the event, and I'm so glad I did because they had an awesome tribute band playing beforehand as well as a bagpipe player leading everyone into the exhibition. Members of Bon Scott's family were there as well as people from Alberts Music (AC/DC's original recording label).

A photo wall where you could post a note. I wrote: Angus Young, my high-school crush

The exhibit had personal photos, handwritten lyrics, letters to Bon's wife Irene, gig posters and Angus' school uniform. They even had a huge screen at the back playing loud music and concert footage from Donnigton. Plus there were smaller screens playing interviews with the band from the early days. For an AC/DC nut like me (see this post) it was rock'n'roll heaven!

Gig posters, clothing, original Dirty Deeds album artwork and backstage passes.

I was reading a few of Bon's letters and what really struck me was that even in the very early days of AC/DC he was aiming for the top. There was no doubt in his mind that AC/DC were going to make it big one day.

Anyway, it was an awesome exhibition and you could tell so much effort was made to design it. I went to so many school excursions to the museum as a kid, and I never would have expected them to come up with something so entertaining like this. After seeing this one, I would love for the WA Museum to show more pop culture exhibitions!

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