Friday, November 26, 2010

Mystery Guitar Man

Recently I've been working on a small video project, which is something I'm pretty clueless about. As a graphic designer and illustrator I'm so used to thinking about things as flat images, so this video project was a bit of a challenge at first. A friend suggested I check out the videos of Mystery Guitar Man for inspiration, and man, they are just amazing! Every week he comes up with a couple of short vids that combine sight and sound in a fun way. He even created a short film to propose to his girlfriend.
Check it out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So the last week or so I've been busy organizing high quality prints of some of my illustrations. I was pretty picky originally when it came to choosing a paper stock and printer, but I'm so glad I took my time deciding, because I was so happy with how they turned out (yay!). The funny thing with creating new illustrations is that sometimes I don't even realize how many I've produced, since I don't really take the time to look back on everything I've done. That's why it was great this week to see everything printed as a collection - it helps me to identify new things I might like to try in the future.
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