Saturday, April 28, 2012

Warpaint poster

Something new! A while ago, I posted about being selected to participate in the Australia-wide Jump Mentorship Program. I have always aimed in my career to head towards doing designs for music-related projects, and part of my mentorship with WBYK involves them setting projects for me that relate to music.

My first project was to design an Australian tour poster for Los Angeles indie band Warpaint. Their music takes a few listens to get to know, and the overall feeling is very dark, dreamy and hypnotizing (I recommend checking out their music! My favourite song is Undertow). To get that sprawling, atmospheric feeling in my illustration I tried something a bit different from my usual style and used blobby shapes of colour instead of outlining everything in black.

To do the Warpaint text, I painted it then scanned it in. It actually took longer than I thought to get the perfect letters!


  1. It looks great! And awesome job on the typography!

  2. this is awesome anne! love the typography

  3. amazing, love your process ..the end results speaks volumes!


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