Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mini Art Mart exhibition

Transition illustration
Cross My Heart tee in pink
More tees!
Ruck Rover is chock-a-bloc with goodies

Last Wednesday, I the pleasure of setting up a mini exhibition at Ruck Rover in Mt Lawley. Every month, Ruck Rover hosts Mini Art Mart exhibitions with local artists and I will be exhibiting my work for the month of February. As I often view my illustrations on the computer screen, it's always great to see them framed and presented as a collection, and I really enjoyed the smaller scale of the exhibition as I usually tend to exhibit my work as large A3 prints. All the framed prints are available to purchase and I am also selling my Cross My Heart t-shirts, available in six colours.

Ruck Rover is the cutest shop and stocks lots of bespoke goodies, clothes, jewelery and zines. It's the perfect place for mini exhibitions with its arty vibe. Those in Perth should pop in and check it out during the month of Feb!  :)


  1. oh my. Hopefully i can do something like this soon. makes me inspired! <3333

    btw, are you from Perth?I have a friend who lives there ;)

    1. You definitely should! It takes a bit of effort to organize the frames, etc but it is all worth it in the end! And yep, I'm a Perthite.


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