Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Todd Bratrud

Looking at these gory hand diagrams makes me cringe!

Gosh, its been yonks since I have posted any book reviews. I have bought a few awesome books that I can't wait to share. The first one is called I Hate the Art of Todd Bratrud. Todd is best know for his illustration work for skate companies, and you may have seen the green lizard ladies he drew for Volcom.

His work often juxtaposes something cute or sexy with something that is repulsively disgusting. A few of the illustrations of bloody finger injuries in the book made me cringe - just click on the last picture above to see what I mean!

Fantastic book, the only comment I have is that I wish there were some more background info about him as an artist - how did he start out, etc. But for pure visuals, this book is very cool.


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