Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Voiceworks: the best in fiction and musings by young Australians
My Death Duel illo published in sexy monochrome blue

Earlier this year, I sent my Death Duel illustration to Voiceworks magazine and I have finally received the Autumn 2011 issue in the mail! For those who don't know, Voiceworks is a quarterly literary magazine that publishes new fiction, poetry and opinions by young Australians. The theme for this issue was 'Pulp' which was a good fit for my cowboy-themed illustration I did a while back.

I usually read more image-heavy magazines, but I really enjoyed reading through the short stories and articles in Voiceworks. Maybe I'm just tired of reading magazines about trends and superficial things, but I'm going to check out Borders for some more literary mags.

The original illustration in colour

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