Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kustom Blogging

One thing I like about blogs is the ability to customise the look of it. You could be reading two different blogs that look miles apart yet they still use the same Blogger template. I always prefer reading someone's unique blog over a generic-looking Facebook page any day, and I have seem some awesomely awesome blog designs. But because I have basically zero knowledge of web developing, html, css, I've sometimes felt a tiny bit limited by some of the customisations I've seen other people do and what I was able to create.

But my friend Sarah has helped me out by explaining how to make customisations in her blog. Things like how to change the favicon icon (that small square in the tab), adding a contact form and how to add a related posts widget. I can definitely say that it wasn't as hard as I originally thought it would be.

So if you have a blog and want to know how to create some cool custom widgets and doodads, I suggest taking a look at Sarah's bloggity blog.


  1. I really like your and sarah :)


    I just wrote up a post for you last night. Check out the end of this post:

    I outline how to change the default image in your 'related posts' widgie thingie!

  2. Done! Thanks for the tutorial - those default images were nasty :)

  3. Hey annie!

    Yeah. It's big and green.

    You're my tutorial guinea pig. Let me know how I can improve them by telling me where I don't explain well enough :)

  4. ooh nice! I'm hoping to incorporate the related posts widget to the MOA blog, this will come in handy ;)

  5. Annie!! It's Friday.

    I can't wait for the "unveiling" this weekend.

    Don't forget to invite me to the launch party :D

  6. @nevertheless

    You definitely should! It's really simple. It's a great way of letting your readers find related posts without even trying. At least then you won't feel like your older blog posts lose their relevance.


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