Thursday, January 13, 2011


While I discover so many amazing artists through the internet, I always like to see their work as a printed collection because there's so mush detail that you can miss out on when looking at a computer screen. One artist that I love is the Brazilian illustrator Calma. His name comes from the Latin words Con Alma meaning 'with soul' which is very apt because his work is just packed with iconography and sacred art symbols. The pictures are of his book which I recently bought called Calma: the Art of Stephan Doitschinoff.


  1. Hey Annie!

    If you like books I just found the coolest little book shop in Vic Park.

    It's called Crow Books. I even saw Justin Randall's graphic novels there! LOL.

    I was drawn in there by the Tank Girl novel sitting at the window. I also read (or actually just stared at) the Kick Ass comic. I actually prefer it over the movie!

    Sorry to comment-bomb your blog all of a sudden.

  2. Yeah, Crow Books is totally rad! It reminds me a bit of Planet Video in Mt Lawley, there's a really good selection of stuff. When I visit these bookshops I just want to buy everything :)


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